Punch presses

The industry’s most comprehensive line of sheet metal punching machinery, including turret, single-head, and servo-electric punch presses and combination punch-laser machines offered in cost-effective designs to high-speed, high-productivity models.

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The cost-per-part efficiency of punching

For batch runs and producing 3D or formed parts, it’s hard to beat the cost-per-part efficiency and productivity of the CNC punch press.

LVD offers a broad range of punch press machines – one of the industry’s most comprehensive product lines – carrying the Strippit brand, recognized for its punching technology innovation.

For a basic punching machine with low operating cost, the Strippit P offers good value. For higher capacity requirements, LVD manufactures thick- and thin-turret styles in 20- and 30-ton capacities with up to 48 tool stations: Strippit M, Strippit VX, and Strippit V. Strippit ST/VT machines are thin turret designs for short or long production runs.

If energy-efficiency is critical, Strippit E, a servo-electric-drive punch press, has a low power consumption of approximately 20 kVA.

To punch, form, tap, and bend all on one machine, the Strippit PX, single-head punch press, is a productive, incredibly versatile choice. The punch head has the flexibility to rotate a full 360 degrees, so tools can be used at any angle anywhere on the sheet.

Manufacture complete parts, reduce material handling and secondary operations with the Strippit PL punch-laser, offering the efficiency of two technologies combined in one machine.