Strippit PX-1530_FA-P
Strippit PX-1530_FA-P

Flexible Automation (FA-P)

Advanced loading/unloading, picking/stacking

FA-P maximizes punch press productivity with material loading and unloading and punched part picking and stacking onto a designated pallet for optimized material flow. 

  • Maximum sheet size of 60" x 120", material thickness up to 0.157"
  • Part sizes from 7.8" x 3.9"
  • For Strippit PX 


High load capacity

FA-P handles a table load capacity of up to 6,600 pounds.

Automatic sheet handling

The system automatically senses sheet thickness and is able to automatically separate sheets to ensure efficient material loading and uninterrupted processing. 

Intuitive interface

A touch screen interface is easy to use and supports flexible system operation.

Factory installation or future retrofit 

This MOVit modular automation unit can be installed at the factory or added as a retrofit in the future.

Technical data


Second loading pallet

For high production environments, a second loading pallet can be added.

Scratch-free unloading

Scratch-free material handling for part picking and sorting. 

Fully integrated automation 

The FA-P can be integrated with an existing warehouse, Compact Tower (CT-P), MOVit Tower Automation (TAS) or Warehouse Automation (WAS) system.