Tube lasers

LVD tube laser cutting machines provide versatility for the widest range of application to cut round, square, rectangle or other profiles using leading-edge features.

Tube lasers

Tube laser cutting machines are designed to cut through the walls of tubes and pipes. Tube lasers use a system of rollers and supports to move and position the tube or pipe during cutting. They can cut complex shapes and designs with increased speed, efficiency, and precision in a wide range of materials.

The laser tube cutting machine has a large, stable frame that supports the material being cut, and a laser head that is mounted on a gantry, moving along the length of the tube or pipe.

The fiber tube lasers feature a solid-state laser allows the fiber laser beam to cut through even thick-walled tubing with precision and accuracy. The CNC laser tube cutter control directs the laser beam onto the material, creating accurate cuts quickly and reliably.

High production tube cutting is used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction, where the precise cutting of tubes and pipes is essential for creating components and structures. 

The laser automation typically used in tube cutting is the bundle feeder, that feeds and positions bundles of tubes or profiles into the tube laser for processing. Bundle feeders improve accuracy, reduce the risk of errors associated with manual handling of tubes and profiles and improve workplace safety.

If you want to cut sheets you need a flatbed laser with a flatbed surface on which the material is placed.