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ETM overview 840x520.jpg
ETM integrator 840x520.jpg
ETM Touch-P 840x520.jpg

Extended Tool Magazine (ETM)

External storage of 40 additional tools

The Extended Tool Magazine (ETM) holds up to 40 additional tools, providing increased flexibility to handle a greater variety and complexity of parts. Tool change is automated and can be performed while the machine is operating. 

  • 40 tooling stations
  • Tool changeover time of 18 seconds
  • For Strippit PX


Expanded tool capacity

The ETM holds up to 40 tools. With the use of indexable multitools, this can mean an expanded tooling capacity of up to 400 additional tools.

Magazine wheel

A magazine wheel configuration makes for easy tool access.

Tool life monitoring

A tool life monitoring system records the number of hits for each tool.

Tooling inventory management

The Touch-P control manages ETM tooling inventory, monitors job lists and identifies the tools required for the application, and preloads tools from the ETM to the Strippit PX.

Factory installation or future retrofit 

This MOVit modular automation unit can be installed at the factory or added as a retrofit in the future.

Automated loading/unloading

ETM allows loading and unloading of tooling during machine operation to minimize changeover time.

Technical data


Automated production

ETM can be combined with the LVD Flexible Automation (FA-P), an advanced load/unload and part picking and stacking system, or Compact-Tower (CT-P), a tower for load/unload and storage of raw materials and finished parts.