Strippit ST-VT

Thin-turret productivity

Strippit ST and VT thin turret 20- and 30-ton punch presses provide the flexibility to handle short to long production runs, punching and forming applications, and are equipped with features that add up to higher productivity.

  • 20 or 30 tons of punching force
  • 29- or 40-station thin turret
  • Three models: ST-1212, ST-1225, VT-1530
  • Smart factory - Industry 4.0 compatible


Flexible thin turret

A versatile thin turret configuration offers tremendous capacity and flexibility. ST models feature 29-station capacity with three 3.5” auto-index stations. VT machines offer 40 tooling stations with four 3.5” auto-index stations

Hardened steel bushings

Each turret station features a hardened steel bushing to ensure tight punch alignment for the life of the machine. All stations are also keyed to allow shaped tooling to be used.

Stress-relieved bridge frame

A stress-relieved bridge frame offers minimum deflection during full tonnage punching, ensuring proper punch and die alignment.

Programmable and relocatable work clamps

Automating work clamp movement between jobs and during a punching cycle helps reduce setup time and increase productivity. Three programmable and relocatable work clamps can be automatically relocated during a punching cycle for full sheet utilization.

Smart Stroke

Smart Stroke automatically determines the optimal tool hover height to deliver the highest punching rates possible.

Smart Clamp

Automatically determines work clamp locations based on tool size, providing the smallest possible no punch zones to maximize sheet usage.

Programmable parts removal chute (VT-1530)

Strippit VT-1530 punch presses feature a programmable parts chute to easily remove punched parts.  The large 19.7” x 17.7” parts chute allows finished parts to be directed through a drop door, evacuating the part on the side of the machine frame.

Technical data


Brush/ball table top

Combination brush/ball tables are available to meet load carrying capacity needs.

ABS automatic tool lubrication system

Air blow system automatically lubricates the punch and guide to help ensure efficient tool stripping and extend the time between regrinding.

MOVit automation

A modular automation system further extends machine efficiency and process reliability. Choose a simple Compact Autoload or Compact Tower (CT-P) for material storage and retrieval.