Press brakes

The most comprehensive press brake line in the industry includes affordable bending solutions, configure-to-order multi-axis press brakes with integrated Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending technology, as well as machines integrated with automatic tool changer and tool library.

LVD ToolCell automated bending cell

Full-featured multi-axis hydraulic press brake with integrated automatic tool changing and tool library.

LVD Easy-Form press brake

The ultimate hydraulic press brake equipped with LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser onboard adaptive bending system.

LVD PPEB Series press brake

High-precision, configure-to-order hydraulic press brake for applications demanding increased throughput, flexibility and productivity.

LVD PPEC Press Brake

Hydraulic press brake offers fast, accurate and consistent bending.

LVD PPED press brake

Practical, easy-to-use hydraulic press brake for general bending applications.

LVD Dyna-Press electric press brake

Electric, portable press brake for high-speed bending of small parts. 

LVD precision press brake tooling

High precision press brake tooling for standard and custom applications.

LVD Synchro-Form adaptive bending

Synchro-Form ensures angular consistency on large parts with multiple bends. 

LVD PPEB-H heavy-duty press brake

Custom, configure-to-order heavy-duty press brakes for L, XL and XXL special applications.

LVD PPEB-H custom series press brakes

Tandem/Tridem and Quadem Series press brakes allow the combination of two, three or four PPEB-H series press brakes.