Easy-Form bent parts
Easy-Form bent part
Easy-Form bent parts
Easy-Form bent part


Ultimate hydraulic press brake

The Easy-Form® Series are smart, highly accurate bending machines through the integration of adaptive bending technology. Any variation in sheet thickness, strain hardening and grain direction will be corrected for in real time. In bending capacities from 90 to 700 tons.

  • Advanced Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending system
  • Servo-controlled hydraulic system
  • Linear encoders connected to the bed for precise ram positioning
  • Smart factory - Industry 4.0 compatible


Easy-Form® Laser (EFL) adaptive bending

Easy-Form machines always achieve correct bend angles thanks to the integrated Easy-Form® Laser system. EFL allows the machine to compensate for material variations such as sheet thickness, strain hardening and grain direction. Scanners constantly measure the bend angle and transmit the information in real time to the CNC control unit that immediately adjusts the punch position.

CNC crowning

The LVD crowning system is unique in that it is custom-made for each machine. Because the system is engineered and machined specifically for the press brake, it ensures that the ram and table are parallel during bending.

Turbo-hydraulic system

Exclusive pump design regulates the flow rate to achieve optimal machine speed, avoiding  unnecessary oil heating and energy waste. No energy is lost when the machine is holding the ram in position under pressure or when operating at low capacity.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic cylinders are machined from a solid steel billet. Pistons are steel forgings, hardened, precision-ground and mirror polished for years of trouble-free service.

Feature-rich machine

Easy-Form® Laser system, turbo hydraulic drive, knuckle arm, LED work zone lighting, second foot pedal, barcode reader and electrical cabinet air conditioner are all included in the standard Easy-Form machine. 

Backgauge versatility

The backgauge range starts from a basic two-axis backgauge up to a full multi-axis system to offer ultimate flexibility in the production of parallel and non-parallel flanges.

Rigid frame design

The extreme rigidity of the closed, welded steel frame construction is crucial in maintaining optimum part accuracy. 

Linear encoders

Linear encoders are connected to the machine in a manner that prevents deformation during bending to influence the positioning accuracy of the ram.

Touch-B control

The 19” Touch-B control is easy to understand and simple to use. Its easy operation helps reduce the “art to part” production time. 

CADMAN® software suite

A full suite of software modules create a fully integrated process flow, including CADMAN-B bend programming software, CADMAN-SDI drawing importer, CADMAN-JOB real-time data collection, job tracking and ERP connection, as well as a Touch-i4 tablet for KPI performance indication and sorting and validating parts.  

Technical data


Increased stroke/table-ram distance/gap

Increase table-ram distance, stroke of the ram and increased gap in increments of 3.93-inches.

Hydraulic clamping 

Quick-acting hydraulic clamping on the ram and on the table allow faster setups and greater production efficiency. 

Front supports 

Front supports on guide rails allow quick positioning along the entire bending line.

Additional gauging finger

Sheet followers

Two programmable sheet followers reinforce the sheet during bending. They make full contact with the plate, preventing sheet sagging.

Hemming table

Install a hemming table when you frequently need to create soft or rounded safety edges or add strength to finished parts.

Lazer Safe guarding system

The IRIS transmitter and receiver features an imaging system capable of tracing the bending line in correspondence with the tools, allowing you to work with speed changes less than 1mm from the sheet metal.

Robot interface

Add a robot interface connection to integrate any model of industrial robot now or in the future. 

Tandem configurations