Dyna-Press Pro Touch-B operator
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Dyna-Press Pro Touch-B operator
Dyna-Press Tools


Fast and accurate flexible bending

The compact electric-drive Dyna-Press offers many advantages in terms of energy savings, processing efficiency, bending accuracy and maintenance cost. Available in 26, 44 and 67 tons of pressing force. 

  • Dyna-Press 26 and 44 ton with 4-axis backgauge
  • Dyna-Press Pro 40/15 and 60/20 with 5-axis backgauge
  • Dyna-Press Pro 40/15 and 60/20 with Easy-Form® Laser option
  • Smart factory - Industry 4.0 compatible


High bending speeds

Dyna-Press efficiently bends small parts at high speeds up to 59" per minute. This results in more parts per hour and a lower cost per part.

Electric-drive press brake

Dyna-Press provides precise ram-position and force control across the entire length of the ram. A smooth transition from approach to working speed minimizes power consumption. 

Low maintenance cost

The machine has fewer components and is therefore easy to maintain. A streamlined design uses two heavy-duty ball screws to drive the force transmission from the servomotors to the pressing force of the ram. 

Bending methods

Machine and software are suitable for commonly used bending methods: air bending, coining, hemming and bottoming.

Touch-B control

LVD’s touch screen control is simple to operate with a graphical, icon-driven user interface. It provides synchronized control of the machine allowing positioning of all available axes.

Ergonomic & secure

Depending on the model, Dyna-Press is equipped with a front support table so the operator can work in a seated or standing position. A lightguard or an IRIS Lazer Safe guarding system provides an added measure of security.  

CADMAN® software suite

A full suite of software modules create a fully integrated process flow, including CADMAN-B bend programming software, CADMAN-SDI drawing importer, CADMAN-JOB real-time data collection, job tracking and ERP connection, as well as a Touch-i4 tablet for KPI performance indication and sorting and validating parts.  

Technical data


Easy-Form® Laser

LVD’s adaptive bending system Easy-Form® Laser is an option on Dyna-Press Pro to ensure angle accuracy.

Pneumatic clamping on ram and table

Available on Dyna-Press Pro

Communication interface for robot, including robot fingers

Available on Dyna-Press Pro

Front supports on guiding

Available on machines without Easy-Form® Laser