TL 2665

Flexible tube and profile cutting

The TL 2665 is built to handle a range of tube and profile cutting with efficiency. Automatic setup and run functions provide a high level of process reliability. A 7-position front loader allows for easy, semi-automatic tube loading for high volume production.

  • Cut round, square or rectangular tube and pipe, C-channel and angle iron
  • 3 kW or 4 kW fiber laser 
  • 7925 mm maximum tube length, 165 mm diameter


State-of-the-art cutting head

Process tubes and profiles with high productivity. The modern cutting head features two points of crash protection – vertical and rotational. An automatic stand-off distance system maintains a fixed distance between the nozzle and the material surface for continuous, error-free cutting.

Magazine-style front loader

A 7-position magazine-style front loader makes quick work of loading tubes, clamping them in position to ensure alignment and quality cutting results. It enables loading and unloading from the same side.

Bow detection

A side-sensing laser automatically detects and compensates for any bows or bulges over the length of the tube.

Twist compensation

An automatic twist compensation system adapts for material deformation.

Chuck and steady rest rotary axis

A self-centering chuck automatically adjusts to different tube geometries. The servo-controlled infeed system uses multiple risers to lift the tube from the magazine to the chuck. Each riser features a tube centering device which centers the tube with the steady rest and chuck. Risers are servo-controlled and follow the contour of the tube to fully handle, turn and support the tube.

Tube cutting software

A powerful tool for the design, cutting and nesting of structural tubing, pipes and structural profiles. Add notches, tabs and features to imported parts or draw parts from scratch. Nesting single or multiple parts, kitting or combining different jobs reduces material waste and generates optimized programs.

Technical data


Bundle feeder

An automatic tube-feeding system allows a full bundle of tubes to be processed without interruption. The bundle feeder holds up to 1800 kg of raw tube stock and can be loaded using a fork truck from the rear of the machine.

Customised outfeed

Various outfeed automation devices, including conveyors and parts sorters, simplify parts offloading.

Scrap and sort conveyor and drop chute

Scrap management improves production efficiency. The scrap conveyor moves scrap into a bin at the back of the machine. A drop chute feature ensures scrap and finished parts are kept separate.

Seam detection

An automated seam detection system ensures each tube always has the correct orientation. It uses two cameras to eliminate false seam readings.

Dust collector

A high-performance dust collector requires fewer filter changeouts than other designs, which reduces filter disposal costs. The system is easy to setup and needs minimal maintenance.