LVD Taurus Large-Format Laser Cutting Machine
LVD Taurus Large-Format Laser Cutting Machine

LVD launches Taurus FL, a new large-format gantry-style fiber laser cutting machine engineered for extra-large sheet metal cutting capacity.

LVD YSD LaserONE Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

LVD now offers YSD LaserONE, a new cost-effective laser cutting machine designed to put the advantages of fiber laser technology within easy reach of sheet metal fabricators by eliminating the extras that increase machine cost and complexity.

LVD Strippit PL Punch-Laser Combination Machine

LVD introduces the Strippit PL Punch-Laser combination, a machine that combines the punching and forming advantages of the Strippit PX or V Series punch press with the speed and versatility of fiber laser cutting to complete multiple processes on a single machine, answering the need for flexible manufacturing. 

LVD INSIGHTS 2020 Virtual Tech Sessions

LVD introduces INSIGHTS 2020, a series of technology events both virtual and live taking place September through December. INSIGHTS 2020 kicks off with six Virtual Tech Sessions, September 15 – 17. 

LVD Tech Events

Following the postponement of EuroBLECH 2020, LVD announces plans for a series of Virtual Tech Sessions and Tech Days to launch and showcase new laser cutting, bending and punch press products for the sheet metalworking market.