Telescopic cranes

Heavy telescopic cranes transport and maneuver objects from one place to another. The telescopic boom is an important load-bearing structure of the crane, allowing the machine to lift loads to several dozen feet. The boom is comprised of very large, high-strength steel parts. Bending boom profiles of 4 meter or longer is traditionally a labour-intensive process. With LVD’s Synchro-Form press brake XXL profiles can be automatically and accurately formed. Synchro-Form’s unique adaptive bending system measures every bending step and compensates for angle deviation in the bends that follow, improving productivity of large profile bending up to 50 percent or more. Synchro-Form easily handles Strenx 1300/1900, Qte960, Hardox, Weldox, SSAB, Voest-Alpine and other high-strength materials. It offers the power of up to 3000 tons of pressing force and the flexibility of configurable open height, stroke, throat and gap.


Heavy-equipment excavators feature a bucket, arm, rotating cab and movable tracks – components that provide superior digging power and mobility.

The LVD Taurus large-format, gantry-style laser cutting machine makes easy work of cutting very large, heavy-duty parts such as excavation buckets in workpieces up to 3200 mm wide. A modular design, the Taurus bed length begins at 10 meters and can be expanded in increments of 4 meters to a maximum bed length of 42 meters to suit the application.