Flatbed lasers

From basic, cost-efficient systems to large-format, modular machines with bed lengths to 42 meters, there’s a solution to fit your cutting needs.

Flatbed lasers

Flatbed laser cutting machines are used for cutting flat sheet materials. They have a flatbed surface on which the material is placed. 

LVD’s flatbed laser cutters are all high-speed laser cutting machines, using a fiber laser beam to cut materials into precise shapes and designs. The cutting head moves across the surface, driven by a CNC control, which determines the precise cutting path of the laser beam onto the material. 

2D laser cutters produce precision parts and components, intricate designs, and high-quality finished products with a high degree of accuracy. They are capable of cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses and are used in a variety of industries, such as signage, electronics and medical devices. 

Laser automation systems, typically load/unload or warehouse automation systems, can significantly increase the productivity of flatbed lasers.

If you want to cut tubes and profiles you need a tube laser instead.