Laser cutting machines

Versatile  fiber laser cutting machines for flat sheet and tube cutting. Offered in a range of formats and capacities – from ultra-practical to super-high-speed and XXL – and designed to deliver quality cutting results for any application.

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Laser cutting flexibility for flat sheet or tube

Fiber laser is the most sought-after solid-state laser and dominates the market for metal laser cutting equipment as the technology becomes more capable and flexible. High-power laser sources and optical systems and advances in cutting head design have improved piercing times, cutting speeds and cut performance in materials of all types and thicknesses.

For flat sheet or tube cutting, there is an LVD laser cutting machine to meet your needs. Our portfolio is diverse, offering the “no frills” simplicity of the YSD LaserONE, cost-efficiency of the Puma, and all-around capability of the Phoenix FL series. We also offer XXL cutting with Taurus, a groundbreaking modular design that starts at a 10-meter bed size and can be expanded in increments of four meters up to a bed length of 42 meters. For tube cutting, there’s the TL series, including the feature-rich TL 8525.

We help you identify the right machine for your needs and can optimize its performance with a full suite of CADMAN® software for offline programming and real-time process management. Our MOVit automation systems improve process reliability and are offered as modular units.