Renewables – wind power

As the wind energy market grows throughout the world, so does the need for wind power systems. Wind turbine design is evolving with increasing tower heights and diameters to capture more wind energy. Through advanced laser cutting and bending processes, LVD helps builders improve the quality of system components, making turbines perform more reliably with less failure, thus reducing the cost of wind power.

Case in point: Bevel cutting allows for a larger welding area, which improves the joining process and makes for a stronger weld. Our Taurus XXL laser cutting machine offers bevel cutting or 2.5D cutting up to 45°, to cut shapes in pre-formed parts or cut under angle. The latest cutting head technology automates the adjustment of focus position and diameter to cut any material type or thickness with optimal speed and quality.


Lighting poles

Whether for street lighting, area lighting or decorative lighting poles and lampposts, lighting pole manufacturers use LVD machinery to fabricate high precision products. Our Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending technology and market leading PPEB-H custom heavy duty XXL press brakes significantly reduce setup and part handling, and ensure repeatable accuracy. When bending very long parts, our crowning system, tailor-made for each individual machine, automatically compensates for  the bed and ram deflection under different bending forces. 

The servo-hydraulic system and crowning ensure the bend angle will be consistent over the entire bending length. This smart crowning system can reliably compensate for deformation after years of use and requires no maintenance. To meet special bending requirements, we custom-build heavy-duty tandem press brakes of similar or dissimilar tonnage.