• LVD Dyna-Press electric-drive press brake
  • Dyna-Press 24/12
  • Dyna-Press 40/15
  • Dyna-Press 40/15 Pro
  • Dyna-Press Pro 40/15 electric press brake


The Dyna-Press is your perfect bending partner. The electric drive Dyna-Press delivers fast bending speeds of 59" per minute (25 mm per second) to bend more parts per hour at a lower cost per part. Ideal for bending small and simple parts, its ergonomic design permits use in a standing or seated position.  Add to this impressive production capabilities, easy to use control and compact size for a press brake that is fast, accurate and flexible.

Key features

  • Compact design uses minimal floor space 
  • Easy transport with a standard forklift (except 40/15)
  • Intuitive touch screen control is easy to use (TOUCH-TS control 12/8 and 24/12 models; TOUCH-B with 3D graphics for 24/12 Plus and 40/15 Plus models)
  • High repeat accuracy with X/R back gauge; 4-axis back gauge on Plus models

Performance-enhancing options

  • Extra gauge finger
  • Light guard protection
  • Air conditioning unit for electrical enclosure
  • US style, vertical W-style or universal tooling 
  • CADMAN-B programming software (Plus models)


  • Dyna-Press 12/8
  • Dyna-Press 24/12
  • Dyna-Press 24/12-Plus
  • Dyna-Press 40/15-Plus 
  • Dyna-Press 40/15 Pro
  • Bending speeds up to 59" per minute (25 mm per second)
  • 12 to 40 tons of bending force
  • Maximum bending length of 33" (835 mm) to 60" (1500 mm)


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