Complex parts, small batches, short lead times and tight margins continue to challenge the profitability of sheet metal workshops. While throughput can be increased using faster and more flexible machines equipped with automation features, an important cost contributor is often overlooked: checking your input drawings, preparing the job programs and communicating with your order administration desk. CAD drawings need to be imported, analyzed and unfolded. Material needs to be ordered. CAM programs need to be created and bundled or nested in a smart way. And all of this within a short period of time!

An integrated database-driven solution to orchestrate the flow of events

Welcome to LVD’s Art-2-Part smart process flow! It’s an integrated database-driven solution that orchestrates the flow of events for maximum efficiency, quality and speed. The LVD Smart Drawing Importer (CADMAN-SDI) imports and analyzes your customers’ 3D drawings. User-friendly CADMAN® software for laser cutting, bending and punching allows you to create the necessary programs and jobs for the workshop, with optimized nesting and co-ordination (CADMAN-JOB). Operators can launch and validate jobs using specially configured Touch-i4 tablets. All processed integrated with the order registration, ERP and MES systems to keep everyone aligned in real time.

LVD’s Art-2-Part Smart Process Flow smooths and optimized all processes and keeps everyone in sync

Learn more about LVD’s Art-2-Part Smart Process Flow and how it orchestrates operations

Watch this webinar to see how LVD’s integrated Art-2-Part solution facilitates order acceptance, job preparation, execution and validation as well as the real-time communication with MES and ERP systems.