Smart drawing importer

CADMAN-SDI combines two powerful modules to import and edit files. The Smart Drawing Importer easily imports all standard formats, native files and assemblies per part or by batch and defines cost drivers for production. The integrated BricsCAD® 3D direct modeling CAD package allows editing and repair of the sheet metal model.

  • Imports up to 40 different file formats
  • Allows production-related cost calculation
  • Checks part manufacturability


File preparation simplified

Quickly and easily imports 3D drawings from up to 40 file formats in preparation for production. Import files individually, in a batch or sends files from your ERP system for automatic processing. CADMAN-SDI is able to import all the details associated with a native file, such as part name and material.

Enables efficient cost analysis

CADMAN-SDI defines the relevant cost drivers for production and allows this data to be exported to create an accurate cost analysis for production. The majority of users apply CADMAN-SDI in their quoting process: Sending parts from their ERP system to CADMAN-SDI, the software generates and exports cost drivers back to the ERP system which produces a quotation, fully automatically and with a complete manufacturability check. 

Determines manufacturability

Stop quoting parts you can’t cost-effectively produce. CADMAN-SDI checks files for drawing errors and for manufacturability, identifying areas that make it difficult, expensive or impossible to fabricate a part. CADMAN-SDI is able to create a full bend solution to ensure manufacturing feasibility.

Robust 3D direct modeling CAD package

BricsCAD® allows the imported 3D sheet metal file to be reviewed in detail, modified or corrected as required. It provides recognition of bent features, lets you modify a junction into a bend, create bend reliefs, notches and more. CADMAN-SDI users receive a full BricsCAD Platinum license.

Process integration

CADMAN-SDI integrates with CADMAN-B and CADMAN-P/L and with the creation of a production order of active parts can launch an order in CADMAN-JOB. Files can be released for manufacturing and/or saved as a STEP or OSM file in CADMAN technology database.


SolidWorks® plugin available