Strippit Punch Laser machine PX 1530
Strippit Punch Laser machine PX 1530

Strippit PX-L

Two-in-one processing efficiency

Strippit PX-L offers the efficiency of two technologies in one machine for highly flexible manufacturing. The single-head punch press handles high-accuracy punching and forming operations. The fiber laser delivers high-quality cutting of outer contours, intricate inner contours and can be used for material etching.

  • Single-head 20-ton punch press
  • 3- or 4-kW laser source
  • Sheet size format of 3050 x 1550 mm
  • Smart factory - Industry 4.0 compatible


Single-head punch press

The Strippit PX single-head punch press features 20 direct-drive indexable tool stations accepting tool diameters up to 90 mm and with every tool able to rotate a full 360 degrees.

Programmable punching cycles

The Strippit PX-L has fully programmable ram cycle profiles for punching, forming and tapping to maximise machine output.  

High-speed punching, forming, bending and tapping

Punch, form, bend and tap for complete part processing, including three-dimensional parts and complex geometries, using the Strippit PX-L. Forming heights up to 75 mm. Punch thicknesses up to 6.35 mm.

3- or 4-kW fiber laser

Laser cut unique shaped holes or contours and etch material with high-quality results with a 3- or 4-kW laser source.

Full-sheet processing

Cut and punch a full-size workpiece of 3050 x 1525 mm without repositioning to save on production time, material usage and material handling.  

Large work chute for laser cut parts

A 406 mm x 1524 mm work chute for laser cut parts makes it easy and convenient to evacuate processed parts or scrap.

Retractable die

The retractable die ensures scratch-free punching and forming. 

Intuitive Touch-PL control

The latest LVD Touch interface is intuitive to use for operators of any skill level.

CADMAN-PL programming software

Integrated with the Touch-PL controller, CADMAN-PL makes programming and job set up for punching and laser cutting virtually automatic.

Technical data


Modular automation systems

An automation system further extends machine efficiency and process reliability. Choose from a range of options, including Compact Autoload, Bin-sort System, Compact Tower (CT-P) for material storage and retrieval, Flexible Automation (FA-P) for advanced loading/unloading and part picking, full Tower Automation (TAS) or Warehouse Automation (WAS). A robotic interface can also be integrated. 

Brush table with roller balls

Scrap conveyors

Sheet lubrication system