Strippit PL

  • LVD Punch-Laser Combination Machine
  • Strippit PX-L Punch-Laser Combination Machine
  • Strippit PL Punch-Laser Combination Machine
  • Strippit PL Punch-Laser Laser Drop Door
  • Strippit PX-L Punch-Laser Combo with Single-Head Design
  • Strippit PL Punch-Laser Combination Machine


Combination technology offers complete part processing for flexible manufacturing. The punch press handles high-speed punching and forming operations. The fiber laser delivers high-quality cutting of outer contours, intricate inner contours and can be used for material etching. Choose from single-head (Strippit PX-L) or turret style (Strippit V/VT-L), 200 or 300 kN configurations, 3- or 4-kW fiber laser in a modern, energy-efficient machine design from the industry’s punch-laser technology pioneer. 

Key features

  • 20 direct-drive indexable tool stations (Strippit PX-L)
  • 40/48 turret stations (Strippit V/VT-L)
  • Fully programmable punching cycles (Strippit PX-L)
  • High-speed punching, forming, bending and tapping
  • Laser cutting of unique shaped holes or contours, material etching
  • Fanuc 3- or 4-kW fiber laser 
  • Precitec ProCutter auto-focus cutting head 
  • Next-generation rack and pinion drive system eliminates backlash, provides accurate positioning
  • Process a 3048 mm x 1524 mm workpiece without repositioning
  • Large 406 mm x 1524 mm work chute for laser cut parts
  • Intuitive Touch-PL touch screen control

Performance-enhancing options

  • CADMAN-PL programming software
  • MOVit load/unload, tower and warehouse automation systems


  • PX 1530-L (20 ton – 3050 x 1550 mm)
  • V 1530-L (30 ton – 3050 x 1550 mm) 
  • VT 1530-L (30 ton – 3050 x 1550 mm) 
  • Maximum material thickness (punching): 6,35 mm
  • Maximum material thickness (laser cutting): 10,0 mm
  • Maximum hit rate: up to 440 HPM on 25 mm centers


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