Flexible automation for Strippit-PX punch presses

Flexible automation for Strippit-PX punch presses
Flexible automation for Strippit-PX punch presses

LVD announces the FA-P; Flexible Automation for Punching, as its most advanced automation yet. It offers dynamic load/unload capacity, smart part picking and a large area for stacking punched parts directly onto designated pallets. FA-P is now available on the Strippit-PX punch press.

FA-P loads sheets up to 3050 x 1525 mm and material thicknesses up to 4 mm from two shuttle tables with a maximum capacity of 3000 kg.

The automation system can handle punched parts from 200 x 100 mm up to large sheet sizes. Two independent gripper arms are automatically positioned to pick the part. The suction cups are activated following the nesting configuration calculated by LVD’s offline software module CADMAN®-P. Small, closely spaced suction cups are used to pick small parts while larger suction cups are activated for picking larger parts and loading full size sheets.

A large stacking area of 8 m² provides space for 8 europallets. A unique laser distance-sensor measures the height of the pallet and the stacked parts. Following this measurement, the suction cups smoothly position the parts on top of one another, forming perfect stacks. No second hand operation is required to change between pallets within the stacking zone. The skeletons are quickly evacuated from the machine onto a pallet, significantly reducing the offloading time.

Based on the job-list and the measured stack height, TOUCH-A control software picks and sorts each part onto its assigned pallet. A new job can be started with partial pallets from previous operations. Additionally, TOUCH-A allows the operator to modify the sorting based on the pallet configuration. The control counts and validates each stack of parts upon job completion.