• LVD PPEB Series press brake
  • LVD TOUCH-B graphical user interface control
  • Optional CNC sheet supports for LVD press brakes
  • LVD PPEB press brakes feature self-seating clamping system
  • LVD PPEB press brakes offered in multi-axis configurations


PPEB Series press brakes offer high precision and flexibility. Equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics and offered in multi-axis configurations, the PPEB can tackle bending applications from simple to complex, efficiently and cost effectively. LVD’s intelligent bend database is used to automatically optimize each part program to eliminate trial bending and reduce the time it takes to bend a quality part.

Key features

  • TOUCH-B touch screen graphical user interface control is intuitive and simple to use
  • Bending parameters automatically controlled by LVD's unique 'intelligent' learning database
  • 2D & 3D color graphics simulate part creation and display material handling sequencing
  • CNC crowning V-axis standard for models over 2 meters
  • Press brakes up to 320 tons (400 ton/4 meter) are designed and built using a welded one-piece frame for machine precision
  • Enhanced Energy Reduction System (ERS)
  • Turbo hydraulics (standard on 220-ton model and higher)

Performance-enhancing options

  • CADMAN-B programming software
  • Configurable options at point of order: open height, stroke, throat and gap and more
  • Six-axis modular backgauge
  • US style, Vertical W-style or LVD style (European style with adapter)
  • Turbo hydraulics
  • CNC sheet followers


PPEB 5: 5-axis (90 tons by 59" [1,5 meter] up to 700 tons by 314.6" [8 meter])
PPEB 8: 8-axis (90 tons by 59" [1,5 meter] up to 7000 tons by 314.6" [8 meter])


  • Capacities from 90 tons to 700 tons
  • Maximum bending length up to 59" (1,5 meters) to 314.6" (8 meters)


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