Many sheet metal workshops are outsourcing their laser cutting jobs because they believe the high price of a feature-rich fiber laser cutting machine will dramatically increase their cost per part. But outsourcing comes with a substantial cost too, and not only in financial terms. Your lead times are less predictable, you lose direct control over the output quality, and you are less flexible in organizing your work. These factors are becoming more important every day in this market characterized by high quality expectations and just-in-time delivery.

But why outsource if there’s an affordable laser cutter within your reach?

The easy way to bring laser cutting jobs back to your workshop  

The YSD LaserONE cutting machine allows you to bring laser cutting jobs back to your workshop without compromising your current cost per part. It offers the best of fiber laser cutting technology but eliminates the extras that increase machine cost and complexity. The result is a no-frills, truly affordable fiber laser that’s reliable and easy to use. What’s more, it provides top quality because it’s designed, manufactured, sold and serviced by the leading machine manufacturer LVD. LaserONE expands your production capacity, gives you more flexibility, and improves your quality control.

YSD LaserONE expands production capacity, gives more flexibility, and improves quality control

Discover LaserONE’s ease of use, quality and flexibility

Look at this webinar to see how LaserONE allows you to accept a wide range of jobs involving laser cutting without having to outsource.