Many sheet metal workshops are outsourcing their laser cutting jobs because they believe the high price of a feature-rich fiber laser cutting machine will dramatically increase their cost per part. But outsourcing comes with a substantial cost too, and not only in financial terms. Your lead times are less predictable, you lose direct control over the output quality, and you are less flexible in organizing your work. These factors are becoming more important every day in this market characterized by high quality expectations and just-in-time delivery.

But why outsource if there’s an affordable laser cutter within your reach?

The easy way to bring laser cutting jobs back to your workshop  

The YSD LaserONE cutting machine allows you to bring laser cutting jobs back to your workshop without compromising your current cost per part. It offers the best of fiber laser cutting technology but eliminates the extras that increase machine cost and complexity. The result is a no-frills, truly affordable fiber laser that’s reliable and easy to use. What’s more, it provides top quality because it’s designed, manufactured, sold and serviced by the leading machine manufacturer LVD. LaserONE expands your production capacity, gives you more flexibility, and improves your quality control.

YSD LaserONE expands production capacity, gives more flexibility, and improves quality control

We are very glad you decided to spend some of your valuable time to learn more about our brand-new YSD Laser ONE entry-level fibre laser cutting machine.

Having your own in-house laser cutting capability provides better control of lead times, greater flexibility in design and increased profitability. Some companies feel they cannot justify investing in their own feature-rich laser cutting machine because of the price tag. This may be linked to the manufactured parts having a low price point: investing in a machine with a price tag that is too high would mean that the direct cost per park is not competitive. As a customer you have several options. You can continue to outsource with all the issues this brings, such as unpredictable lead times, not being in direct control of the process and reduced flexibility. Or you can buy a machine with a low price point from a – most likely Chinese – manufacturer, bringing concerns about manufacturing quality and used components, robustness, reliability, the application knowledge of the supplier and a lack of service network and backup. Or you can purchase a Laser ONE that has been designed and developed by the LVD Group to specifically address the needs of this section of the laser cutting market. Reliable fibre laser technology is now within easy reach of any sheet metal working shop with the YSD Laser ONE.

How did we develop the Laser ONE? 

By thinking out of the box and stepping away from stuck habits. We engineered a light and simple basic structure capable of coping with the machine dynamics. A clever design to drastically reduce assembly time and a perfect balance of investment cost versus functionality. Why Laser ONE? Quality cutting, dependable performance at an affordable price, a practical fibre laser that meets a wide range of processing needs, a no-frills approach to the balance of price and functionality and a machine that is backed by LVD's worldwide service and support network.

Laser ONE offers the key benefits of fibre laser cutting technology while eliminating the extras that increase machine cost and complexity. If you would like to increase control and flexibility by bringing laser cutting in-house or if you have considered a step up to a fibre laser but couldn't justify the investment, then Laser ONE is perfect for you. Laser ONE expands your production capacity without compromising your budget.

Quality and reliability. Laser ONE delivers the benefits of fibre laser cutting in a practical and cost-effective design built by LVD's global manufacturing network to LVD specification, using field-proven, cost-effective components selected for their quality and reliability. Laser ONE is a machine that is engineered, sold and serviced by the LVD group. As a result, you can be confident of cutting accuracy and machine dependability. The YSD brand is one of the brands owned and used by one of LVD’s joint venture companies. YSD machines represent value for money and a no-frills approach to the balance of price point and machine functionality.

Is the Laser ONE the right tool for your company? 

Will this laser cover your application needs? Is this no-frills fibre laser the right fit for your company? What is the return on investment of an entry level fibre laser? These questions will be followed by a short machine presentation and a live demo on our brand-new YSD Laser ONE fibre laser.

A Laser ONE with two or four kilowatts of laser power covers most materials that more expensive machines would cut with the same power. Most cutting speeds for the same power level are also comparable. It's the laser power that will determine the cutting speed. The Siemens drive system copes with the movement in between contours. Not all customers need to cut during three shifts or even 24/7. Not all customers need a fully automated system. Not all customers can justify spending 400,000 euros or more. Few customers actually need all the bells and whistles. Having your own fibre laser will increase your flexibility and it will give you extra design freedom and lead time control.

What is the return on investment of an entry-level fibre laser? 

Keep in mind that today the running cost per hour of a fibre laser during one shift is mainly defined by the investment cost. Take into account that the four-kilowatt Laser ONE is one third less expensive compared to our runner, the Phoenix. This will result in a huge difference in the running cost per hour.

Here is an example of how we calculate the running cost for a Phoenix. Starting from an investment with a depreciation time of five years, the running cost per hour of this 4.5-kilowatt fibre laser running one shift per day in mild steel is defined for 75% – in case of nitrogen cutting – or 90% – in case of oxygen cutting – by the investment cost. With an investment cost that is one third lower, the fixed charges of the Laser ONE are 18 euros per hour lower than the Phoenix. With the same running cost per hour as a regular four-kilowatt fibre laser, the Laser ONE would remain competitive even if your workload only covers 65% of a shift.

As you will notice, although it is entry level, the new Laser ONE has a nice and solid appearance. Laser ONE offers top accessibility: since the roof is integrated into the door, you can reach any point on the cutting table or even walk in to allow comfortable cleaning or maintenance inside. The left door gives access to the first 1.5 metres and the second door to the next 1.5 metres. Both doors also give access to the scrapings below. Just like on our high-end fibre laser, we stick to the well-known Siemens 840D control, together with the Siemens motors and several drives that will contribute to the performance and overall reliability of the Laser ONE. We use a clever shuttle table design without any hydraulics to lift the table. The green table drives in and out on one level; the red table moves over the green table and back down by means of a slope. Table changes take barely 30 seconds. This way both tables have the same height in the machine so that no long Z-axis is needed in order to guarantee machine stability. On the Laser ONE we make use of the latest generation pressure tech light cutter cutting head with automatic focal point adjustment. Laser ONE is equipped with the custom-made Raycus two- or four-kilowatt laser source. Laser ONE is supported as standard by a closed-circuit chiller unit and the machine is available with an optional filter unit to clean the extracted fumes from the cutting process before they can be released back into the workshop.

Automation increases the efficiency of the Laser ONE because the machine doesn’t sit idle while waiting for the next sheet. Material change is quick and the machine can even run unmanned.

Discover LaserONE’s ease of use, quality and flexibility

Look at this webinar to see how LaserONE allows you to accept a wide range of jobs involving laser cutting without having to outsource.