Od 20. do 22. j├║na sa v na┼íom ┼ípi─Źkovo Experience centre vo Wevelgem v Belgicku konala nov├í ed├şcia "Medzin├írodn├ę technologick├ę dni ", v ktorej sa stretli z├ístupcovia viac ako 100 spolo─Źnost├ş z 19 kraj├şn.

So ┼íkoleniami, uk├í┼żkami strojov a in┼ípiruj├║cimi n├ív┼ítevami z├íkazn├şkov v Bax Metaal a GGroven+ NV to bola skuto─Źn├í oslava inov├ície a spolupr├íce.

─Äakujeme v┼íetk├Żm, ktor├ş sa z├║─Źastnili na┼íich Tech Days a ktor├ş n├ím pomohli urobi┼ą z neho ├║spe┼ín├║ trojd┼łov├║ akciu!

We are very passionate about technology, and we want to convey this passion to our customers.

As we are active worldwide in 47 countries, we feel the need to bring everybody here who is using our technology and leading their market thanks to the new technology LVD can bring them. 

Many people have come together here from different countries so itÔÇÖs a great opportunity to get together and understand each other, check out the facilities and see how everyone works. It's a wonderful learning experience. 

At the Experience Centre we try to let the customer experience what we can bring them and let them discover what we are like. They can experience who we are, with our Belgian or West Flemish mentality, and then of course there is the technology they can discover at our Experience Centre.

They're so versatile with so many different types of equipment.

People have become a problem in the sense that weÔÇÖre unable to find enough personnel to actually operate our facility. So the robotics and the things that are coming forth will certainly aid us in the future.

The robot is your new colleague, the colleague you cannot find. He is doing the boring jobs and all the challenging jobs can be done by the people. 

I've learned a lot. I knew that there are some new technologies that are beneficial for my industry back in Thailand. And I hope that this can help me improve my productivity and get to know more people from around the world. 

It's very interesting. This is my third time at LVD and itÔÇÖs always a good experience. This relationship will last for many years. 

It's not only the chocolate, the beer and the French fries but there's also the Belgian mentality and hospitality, which is very much appreciated by our international customers.

I would like to thank LVD for the invitation. It was all excellent, very nice. Two thumbs up!