Service from A to Z

In 2008, Peter Vermeulen started his business at home. The company soon became a successful, versatile supplier, and in 2013 moved to an industrial estate to facilitate further growth. Customers turn to Vermeulen Metaal for piping, turning, milling and fabricating sheet metal parts. Also for semi-finished products up to complete assemblies.

Innovation and staying abreast with the latest developments in technology are key to the corporate strategy. “We want to be more than a supplier and we see that customers want this too. That’s why we sit down with a customer at a very early stage to provide advice on feasibility, cost-benefit ratio calculation, drawing and design. After that,

“We take care of the entire production process, unburdening the customer right through to final delivery,” 

says Managing Director Peter Vermeulen. 

Vermeulen Metaal selected a Phoenix fiber laser cutting machine, a 220-ton Easy-Form press brake and the full CADMAN® software suite.  “It was the entire buying experience that convinced us to choose LVD machines. We prepared extensively for the purchase and discussed everything in detail with LVD. This made us certain that we would receive the right guidance post-purchase as well. Confidence is high.” “Three people were involved in the basic training program and continue to learn through experience. We are now able to train a new operator on the press brake or laser cutting machine within a week, so they can get started quickly. The user-friendly touchscreen helps to keep it simple,” says Ruud van den Boom, Operations Manager.

The software thinks along

The software played a major role in transforming the company. “That is where our biggest profit lies”, states Vermeulen. “Preparatory work has been reduced to a minimum, and our planning is more reliable. In the past, we had to manually check all drawings for feasibility. Now we can import entire 3D files, get the calculation and the right bending solution within seconds. The software supports us as if it were thinking along with us about the best way to manufacture our products.”

“Providing full service to our customers also includes flexibility of scope. We work on a project basis but often receive urgent requests that require a quick response. The system gives us the flexibility to quickly schedule urgent requests,” van den Boom adds. 


Vermeulen replaced its CO2 laser cutter with a Phoenix fiber laser cutting machine. “We mainly cut steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to 25 mm thick. We are now able to cut 60 to 70% more products per hour with about 25 to 30% of the former electricity consumption per item. The increased cutting speed also results in a decrease in gas consumption.” 

What are the plans for the future? Peter Vermeulen: “The next step is to connect CADMAN-JOB to the ERP system. Feeding prices and actual working hours spent back to the ERP system allows you to make accurate post-calculations. The aim is to automate this process.” “The machines have improved our entire production process, we have a lower cost price and better sales rates and hardly any products are rejected. We have more control over planning, meaning much higher reliability in delivery. The conclusion is that purchasing machines from LVD has pushed our costs down, enabling us to remain competitive for at least five years.”