CS Shears

  • LVD CS Series guillotine shear
  • LVD cost effective CS shear
  • LVD CS shear with motorized backgauge
  •  1000 mm range backgauge LVD CS shear
  • LVD CS  shear with four cutting edges


The CS Series guillotine shearing machine tackles a range of general shearing applications. Offering exceptional value for the investment, each CS guillotine shear is built to a high-quality standard using components that meet stringent accuracy and reliability requirements. With a CS shearing machine, you’re assured of consistent-quality cutting results in a cost-efficient design.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use motorized 1000 mm range backgauge
  • Shadow Line cutting capability
  • 1,5 m squaring arm
  • Front support(standard on CS 13/31)


  • CS 6/31 (6,35 mm by 3,1 meter)
  • CS 6/40 (6,35 mm by 4,05 meter)
  • CS 13/31 (13 mm by 3,1 meter)
  • Parallel-guided shearing using four cutting edges
  • Maximum shearing capacity:mild steel 45 kg/mm from 6,35 mm to 13 mm, depending on model;stainless steel 60 kg/mm from 4 mm to 8 mm, depending on model
  • Cutting length:3100 mm or 4000 mm, depending on model