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Discover how ToolCell reduces “Art to Part” times by up to 84%

With 75% of the bending batches involving no more than 30 parts to be produced, a lot of time in sheet metal workshops is being wasted on non-productive machine changeovers. The problem becomes even more pressing due to the increasing complexity of metal parts and assemblies, requiring multiple tools to be used in specific sequences and multiple setups to be arranged for one batch. But what if smart automation would allow you to dramatically speed up setup times and increase throughput?

Easy and fast changing of tools from one part or batch to another

That’s exactly what LVD’s ToolCell family of press brakes accomplish. ToolCell machines are fully-equipped press brakes with integrated automatic tool changers and a tool warehouse inside the machine holding two rows of punches and five rows of dies. This arrangement allows for easy and fast changing of tools from one part or one batch to another. ToolCell also features as standard LVD’s market leading adaptive bending system Easy-Form® for in-process angle measurement and correction.

All ToolCell machines come with our intuitive CADMAN® software, in which you can import the 3D drawing of your part or assembly to easily create the necessary collision-free bending sequences, as well as the automatic tool setups that are needed. Operators don’t lose time exchanging tools and can better concentrate on the value-adding activities such as the bending and the related material handling and sorting.

ToolCell automated tool changing Press Brake reduces “Art to Part” times by up to 84%

Discover how ToolCell reduces your setup times to increase productivity

Watch this webinar to see how LVD’s ToolCell Press Brake uses built-in automated tool changing capability and on-board adaptive bending to dramatically shorten “Art to Part” times.