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Tube laser Pockets
Tube laser operator
Tube laser advance cutting head
Tube laser part
LVD TL 8525.jpg
Tube laser Pockets
Tube laser operator
Tube laser advance cutting head
Tube laser part

TL 8525

High-capacity tube processing

The TL 8525 is a feature-rich tube laser cutting machine designed for high productivity. It handles tube lengths up to 8200 mm and diameters up to 250 mm round or square. Optimized features include a bevel cutting head, automatic front loader, 2 kW laser power, and a large X-axis cutting head range of 1190 mm for maximum material usage.

  • 8200 mm maximum tube length
  • 20 mm – 250 mm tube diameter range
  • 45-degree 3D tilt cutting head


Large tube cutting capacity

Cut longer tubes and complex profiles. With a large 8200 mm infeed length, the TL 8525 can process tubes up to 250 mm round or square.

Advanced cutting head

A 45-degree 3D tilt cutting head delivers precision cuts in round, square, rectangular and irregular-shaped tubes, cuts complex profiles and channels, and can be used for weld-prep cuts in thick-walled tubes.

More cutting range

A generous 1190 mm X-axis cutting head range permits processing along a greater length of the tube, including behind the steady rest unit.  The capability to process more of the tube and waste less material makes tube cutting operations more productive and profitable.

6-position front loader

A semi-automatic front loader handles up to six tubes of up to 250 mm diameter. The system can be loaded with different types of tubes in different sizes and can be interrupted during processing to add a new tube. The flexibility of material loading efficiently handles the needs of both small batch and long-run production.

Automatic bow detection and compensation system

Built-in functions automatically compensate for dimensional accuracy to ensure high accuracy results.

Automatic twist compensation system

Automatically checks for twists in the tube, keeping accuracy and machine productivity high

Outfeed tube support with conveyor table

The servo-controlled table features a tilt function for smooth part release and is integrated to a 3 m part evacuation conveyor. The conveyor uses multiple compartments to securely separate and hold parts – even round or longer tubes – as they move along the conveyor.  

CNC touchscreen control

The Siemens CNC control supports high-speed processing with a suite of intelligent laser control functions to help optimize cut quality. The easy-to-use controller features an integrated touchscreen panel.

CADMAN-T programming software

CADMAN-T features automated processes to support efficient and reliable programming of a range of tubes and profiles.

Technical data


4 kW laser source

The 4 kW fiber laser source offers higher cutting speeds than the standard 2 kW power to cut a broader range of applications or handle more demanding jobs.

Bundle feeder

An automatic tube-feeding system allows a full bundle of tubes to be processed without interruption. The bundle feeder holds up to 1800 kg of raw tube stock and can be loaded using a fork truck from the rear of the machine.

Outfeed extension

An optional outfeed extension allows for the production of longer parts up to 6m. In the same concept an extension of the outfeed conveyor to 6m is also possible.

Seam detection

An automated seam detection system ensures each tube always has the correct orientation. It uses two cameras to eliminate false seam readings.