Von einfachen, kosteneffizienten Systemen bis hin zu großformatigen, modularen Maschinen mit Bettlängen von bis zu 42 Metern gibt es eine Lösung, die zu Ihren Schnittanforderungen passt.

Flatbed lasers

Flatbed laser cutting machines are used for cutting flat sheet materials. They have a flatbed surface on which the material is placed. 

LVD’s flatbed laser cutters are all high-speed laser cutting machines, using a fiber laser beam to cut materials into precise shapes and designs. The cutting head moves across the surface, driven by a CNC control, which determines the precise cutting path of the laser beam onto the material. 

2D laser cutters produce precision parts and components, intricate designs, and high-quality finished products with a high degree of accuracy. They are capable of cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses and are used in a variety of industries, such as signage, electronics and medical devices. 

Laser automation systems, typically load/unload or warehouse automation systems, can significantly increase the productivity of flatbed lasers.

If you want to cut tubes and profiles you need a tube laser instead.