Compact tower for laser cutting machine
Compact tower for laser cutting machine

Compact Tower 3015 (CT-L)

Cost-effective tower automation

CT-L 3015 automatically loads, unloads and stores raw materials, sheet skeletons and finished parts in a tower featuring 4, 6, 8 or 10 pallets. It increases the autonomy of your laser cutting machine, allowing 24/7 operation. 

  • Sheet size: 120" x 60"
  • Handles material thicknesses up to 1-inch 
  • For Phoenix FL-3015, Puma 3015


Efficient material handling 

CT-L 3015 handles pallets with a capacity up to 6000 pounds and a stacking height of 9.5" for loading and 7" for unloading including the pallet. Unloading finished parts and loading the next sheet takes a little more than two minutes.

Forks carriage

An integrated carriage loads the raw materials and stacks finished parts on the unload pallet. 

Automatic zone selection 

The number of suction cups activated depends on the sheet size. Custom suction cup groups can be implemented for frequently used formats.

Thickness measurement

Sheet thickness inspection prevents processing double sheets or parts of the wrong thickness.

Touchscreen interface

LVD’s 19” touch screen control features intuitive graphical icons used to control all automation parameters for fast and efficient operation. 

Future retrofit 

This MOVit modular automation unit can be added as a retrofit in the future.

Technical data


Extra pallet

Additional pallets for easy changeover of pallets filled with finished parts.

Flexible configuration

Choose a tower comprised of 4, 6, 8 or 10 pallets with the option to configure pallets as load or unload pallets.

Teflon strips

The addition of Teflon strips provides a non-stick surface and reduces scratching while unloading.