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Team at Jyoti CNC work to design and build COVID-19 ventilator
Ventilator Production for COVID-19
COVID-19 Disinfection Tunnel
Face Shield for COVID-19
Protective Enclosure for COVID-19

Metalworking Companies Help the World Fight COVID-19

This is part of an ongoing feature highlighting sheet metal fabricators around the world – OEMs and subcontractors, firms large and small – who are using their resources, skills and manufacturing know-how to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Every day, manufacturing impacts our lives and our world economy. In these unprecedented times, in the face of a worldwide pandemic, manufacturing is as critical as ever.

Manufacturing companies, including our industry of sheet metalworking fabricators, are hard at work producing products so urgently needed now.  We recognize and support LVD customers who are making a difference in this effort, and we’re proud to share some of their stories.

Having the capacity to produce a high volume of parts with a quick turnaround is especially important these days. Germany’s WaCo Gerätetechnik GmbH took early delivery of a new Dyna-Press electric-drive press brake so that they could ramp up production of parts for medical devices and equipment. A thank you to our LVD colleagues whose fast response made it possible to quickly ship and install the machine at the company’s Dresden facility.

In India, where 1.3 billion residents have been on lockdown, metal fabricators are racing to produce lifesaving products for their nation’s fight against the pandemic. Jyoti CNC, one of the country’s leading machine tool builders of turning and milling machines, used their equipment and resources to design, develop, test and manufacture its new DHAMAN I ICU ventilator to treat severely sick coronavirus patients. The prototype was developed, tested and certified with record-breaking speed in just 10 days, thanks to a team of 150 people working day and night. All parts required for the ventilators were sourced in India. Jyoti CNC delivered the first batch of 1,000 units to the Indian government for use in hospitals.

A lack of hospital supplies is a problem faced in a number of areas, including Indonesia, which has the fourth largest population in the world. Two Indonesian firms are stepping up production of beds needed for overburdened hospitals. Mega Andalan Komponen Logam and PT Matahari Leisure, both specialize in the manufacture of hospital beds and, though competitors, are aligned in this common cause.

The German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) in Selangor, Malaysia, is a hub for advanced skills training. The premier learning organization offers high-quality technical education, training and services in response to global industry demands. GMI has been quick to respond to its country’s need for personal protective equipment, producing PPE face shields which it distributed to the Ministry of Health in Malaysia for front-line workers fighting the pandemic. GMI also used its ingenuity and onsite fabrication equipment to manufacture special “aerosol booths” used to disinfect hands, cutting transparent plexiglass panels on their LVD laser cutting machinery. This video highlights their work.

Also from Malaysia comes an innovative disinfection tunnel. Toyomi Engineering Sdn Bhd, a part of the MSM Group of companies, designed and produced the Disinfection V-Tunnel which is suitable for factories, schools, offices, hotels, health facilities and retail spaces. The tunnel offers head-to-toe disinfection in a contactless process. As you walk through the tunnel, a chemical-free sodium hypochlorite solution, which is safe to the skin, is administered as a disinfectant mist and ultraviolet lamps provide additional disinfection against harmful microbes. The tunnel also features an optional hand sanitizer. Easy to install and mobile in its design, the tunnel provides users with added peace of mind. Watch the video of this product at use in a supermarket.

In the UK, LVD customer Universal Wolf is manufacturing hospital beds for the country’s National Health Service (NHS) Nightingale Hospitals in Birmingham and Glasgow, temporary hospitals set up for the coronavirus pandemic. The Birmingham NHS Nightingale Hospital, erected inside the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), is the second of seven planned to open. With 500 beds already installed, the Birmingham hospital’s capacity could be increased to take up to 4,000 people if needed, handling coronavirus patients from 23 Midlands hospitals.

Thank you to all our customers who are lending their support to address the urgent needs of this moment. LVD is proud to be your business partner!



A ventilator engineered and produced by Indian machine tool builder, Jyoti.

An innovative “disinfection tunnel” designed and produced by Malaysia’s Toyomi Engineering.

Face shields and shielding booths, personal protective equipment manufactured by GMI in Malaysia.