Real-time machine data in hand

The Touch-i4 industrial tablet computer collects real-time machine data that can be viewed and managed wirelessly from an intuitive touch interface. Touch-i4 offers insights into daily operations and provides key data to make informed production decisions. Touch-i4 can also be used to help sort and validate parts to streamline orders ready for the next operation.

  • Option for CADMAN-JOB
  • Offers KPI (Key Performance Indicators) per machine
  • Provides sort and validate function


Machine data around the clock

Touch-i4 offers an overview of all machines and details per work center in various modes keeping you informed around the clock. 

KPI history

Provides a full visibility and diagnosis of historical workshop performance by Key Performance Indicators, including OEE analysis.

Future workload mode

View and plan future workload by overall capacity, technology and individual machine. 

Sort and validate function 

Sort and validate parts by machine type, identification, quantity of cut sheets, remnants and cut parts to streamline production orders ready for the next operation.

Sort and validate print labels

Print part ID labels. Configure information on the label, as well as size and type of label from any Windows®-configurable printer.

Mode locations

Assign parts to a carrier; assign carriers to a pre-defined location according to the production order. 

Foreign operations 

Track job progress on non-LVD machines.