HighYag laser head 007_840x520.jpg
HighYag laser head 007_840x520.jpg

Phoenix FL

Versatile, all-around performer

Phoenix FL is a dynamic, all-around fiber laser cutting machine – able to handle a wide diversity of material types and thicknesses with high performance features and high dynamics that keep it consistently productive. The system is also offered in large-format models and with advanced automation.

  • High dynamics, high performance for a range of jobs
  • 4, 6, 10, 12 or 20 kW laser source
  • Sheet size formats of 120" x 60", 160" x 80", and 242" x 80"
  • Smart factory - Industry 4.0 compatible


High dynamics

Rigid machine construction and highly dynamic drive system make high throughput possible across a range of material thicknesses.

Power source range

The power source of a Phoenix can range from 4 to 20 kW. Our team of laser professionals can help you select the appropriate laser power for your application in order to achieve good cutting quality and speed.

Phoenix 20 kW

The 20 kW laser cuts 2.0" mild steel with clean, smooth edge quality. When processing steel, stainless steel and aluminum using nitrogen, 20 kW cutting speeds are up to 2.5 times faster than a 10 kW source. The high-performance cutting head ensures process stability and edge quality at high power.

Large-format cutting

Large-format Phoenix FL machines handle sheets sizes of 160" x 240" x 80" for large, heavy-duty cutting requirements and maximum material utilization.

Latest-generation cutting head

Machines up to 12 kW feature automatic adjustment of focus position and focal diameter to ensure optimal cutting speed and quality.

Automatic shuttle tables

Shuttle tables reduce load time and keep material fed to the machine for uninterrupted part processing and increased productivity.

Touch screen control

LVD’s 19-inch Touch-L control simplifies machine setup and provides a graphical user interface that is easy to use and follow for the operator.

CADMAN® software suite

A full suite of software modules create a fully integrated process flow, including CADMAN-L laser cutting programming software, CADMAN-SDI drawing importer, CADMAN-JOB real-time data collection, job tracking and ERP connection, as well as a Touch-i4 tablet for KPI performance indication and sorting and validating parts. 

Technical data


Automatic nozzle changer

Fast and efficient, the automatic nozzle changer reduces non-productive time. It also performs automated nozzle inspection, alignment and cleaning to ensure reliable cutting results.

Automation-ready package

Ready Phoenix FL for future automation with an automation interface for third-party automation, sheet cleaner, tele-alarm alert system.

Transversal scrap conveyor

Scrap bins can be replaced with optional conveyors on Phoenix FL-3015 models up to 12 kW. Phoenix FL-4020, 6020 models up to 12 kW can be equipped with an additional transversal conveyor to transport small parts/scrap to a bin positioned alongside the machine.

Large-format automation

Automatic load/unload pallet system specifically designed for Phoenix FL-4020 and 6020 models handles heavy workpieces and is ideal for large-volume applications and lights-out production.

MOVit modular automation

Automate your Phoenix FL for even greater productivity. Choose a MOVit Compact Tower, Flexible Automation (FA-L) or Load-Assist system or consider tower (TAS) or warehouse (WAS) automation units for large-scale material storage and retrieval.