Wide vehicle range

TA-NO has always embraced technology and innovation as a manufacturer and as a subcontractor for high-quality sheet metal goods. It invested in several LVD press brakes and a Phoenix FL-4020 laser cutting machine, all driven by the full CADMAN® software suite. The family-owned company prides itself on being one of the oldest companies in trailer construction, a business in high demand in Poland, where the infrastructure is mainly focused on transport by road, especially for large or heavy loads. The water level of the various canals that connect the south and north of the country is too low for heavy-load transport and even transport by rail does not offer the right solution.

TA-NO produces light, single-axle trailers for recreational purposes up to three-axle heavy goods trailers with a capacity of 60 cubic meters. Car bodies include autotransporters, also with double deck, boxes, containers, and custom-made structures. The company exports 70% of its products; mainly to the European Union, but also to New Zealand and the United States. The facility occupies 6000 square meters of production and office space and employs more than 120 employees.

The only right solution

The collaboration with LVD began more than 10 years ago with the purchase of a PPEC 220/42 press brake. After a few years, the growing demand and the positive experience led TA-NO to return to LVD for another press brake, an Easy-Form and later on a 6 kW Phoenix fiber laser cutting machine. “When TA-NO was planning further investments, we thought it was an ideal customer for the LVD CADMAN software suite,” says Maciej Dąbrowa, national sales manager of LVD-Polska. “From the moment LVD demonstrated the Industry 4.0-ready software, we were convinced that this was the only right solution for TA-NO,” says Jakub Nockoski, sales manager at TA-NO. “Thanks to this solution, we were able to precisely analyse production time, machine efficiency, operator efficiency and direct waste management.”

CADMAN common environment

The growing role of digitisation almost forces manufacturers to apply the principles of the Smart Factory. “Nowadays, where short series
dominate and the delivery time is extremely important, the implementation of this type of solution is a must to be competitive in the market,” explains Dąbrowa. “The CADMAN software suite perfectly meets the needs, with the great advantage that it also enables the integration of thirdparty machines, creating a common environment.”

The central database allows connection to devices, machines and processes, monitoring and remote support. It reduces production time, increases efficiency and flexibility and minimises material waste. Moreover, it allows fast reaction to the constantly changing data, creation of better-priced offers, and improves the work environment for employees.

Also the Touch-i4 industrial tablet has been used by TA-NO for many years. It allows the user to check real-time data from any place in the plant, facilitating management of the complete production process.

Confidence with Easy-Form

LVD software is not the only solution that helps TA-NO maintain the highest standards. The company decided to buy an Easy-Form press
brake, precisely because of the Easy-Form® Laser system. “This real-time adaptive bending system has revolutionised our production in terms of time and quantity. We managed to reduce bending errors below the assumed minimum, and accelerate the manufacturing process by 20 to 30%. Operators feel more confident using the technology,” Nockoski points out.

Modern technology plays a huge role in this story, but it’s just as important to have like-minded business partners. “Over time, LVD turned out to be not only our supplier and installer, but also our partner and advisor. Thanks to this, we are sure that we have chosen the right path and we intend to follow it further,” emphasises Jakub Nockoski.