Easy loading and unloading

Load-Assist Automation (LA) is an easy-to-use laser automation system offered in two configurations for increased laser cutting productivity. LA Load transfers sheets to the shuttle table and LA Load/Unload loads material and unloads cut sheets.

  • 120" x 60", 160" x 80" sheet sizes
  • Handles materials up to 3/4" (LA 3015) and up to 0.5" (LA 4020) 
  • LA Load/Unload : Phoenix FL-3015, Phoenix FL-4020, Puma 3015, Puma 4020
  • LA Load : YSD LaserONE 3015, Phoenix FL-3015, Puma 3015



Convenient pallet manipulation

Load-Assist automation is a simple, yet very efficient system to facilitate sheet movement to and from the laser shuttle bed. 

Easy to use

LA Load is controlled by a simple button system, and can be used by operators of any level. LA Load/unload system can communicate with the laser cutting machine to make automatic cycles possible without the need for operator intervention.

LA Operator Load

LA Load transfers sheets quickly and efficiently from a stack of raw material to the machine.

LA Load/Unload

LA Load/Unload facilitates movement of raw materials and finished parts.

Future retrofit 

These MOVit modular automation units can be added as retrofits.

Technical data


Input table for raw material

Output table for finished parts