In Field Service every day is different

“Working as a field service engineer is my dream job. I have strived for it and have been a part of the World Service team for four years now. I was almost 20 when I started working at LVD S3. I combined assembly work with a day of lessons per week in Košice. Three years later, I had my degree and could finally start working as a field service engineer. My brother Michal is following in my footsteps, and has been combining his work at LVD S3 and school for two years now.”

“I do all the work related to the customer’s press brake, from installation, maintenance and repair to replacing spare parts and training the operators on site. I go to many places, meet new people, and every day is different. Sometimes I run into a technical problem that makes me scratch my head. I always find the solution, sometimes remotely assisted by the service team in Belgium. Once the machine is running and the customer is satisfied, it makes me feel great.”

“I feel I am part of the LVD family and am proud of how far I’ve come,” Daniel adds.


Challenging machines

“Large machines are labour-intensive because of their weight. Take a 12-meter-long press brake with 2000 tons of pressing force. The steel parts weigh several hundred tons and have to fit precisely. The press brake must be perfectly aligned. A large press brake is usually ready in three weeks, but sometimes it takes up to three months. It’s always a great relief when such a large project is successfully completed,” says Daniel.

Daniel also helps to install and dismantle machines at trade fairs, and has done so in Thailand, India and the United States. He works well together with co-workers and has strong technical know-how, including experience with robotised bending cells.


Tinkering with vehicles

“I spend my free time with my girlfriend, family, friends and - not to forget - my dogs. For me, being at home feels like I’m on vacation. It’s also beautiful here. The Tatra Mountains, one of the main  tourist attractions in this area, are just an hour away. You can make brisk walking tours there.”

“Even at home I cannot unplug from tech. I love tinkering with motorcycles and cars. I used to race my motorcycle on tracks and on the roads, for the thrill. 

“I can speak Hungarian, my father’s native language. It’s the language I grew up with in a region that was formerly part of Hungary, just like the LVD S3 area. Did you know that Hungarian has its roots in the Finno-Ugric languages? It is related to Finnish, not to Slovak. Interesting, right?” he smiles.