• LVD CADMAN SIM - 3D simulation
  • LVD CADMAN SIM - Dyna-Cell 3D gripper
  • LVD CADMAN SIM - Dyna-Cell input stations
  • LVD CADMAN SIM -  robot collision free path
  • LVD CADMAN SIM - Ulti-form bend wizard
  • LVD CADMAN-SIM - bend wizard


CADMAN-SIM makes automated bending easier, faster and more cost-effective. Offered as a plugin for CADMAN-B, the software elevates the efficiency of LVD’s bend CAM software to improve the efficiency of robot-based processing, providing fast collision-free robot path calculation and automatic calculation of the complete part handling for a more efficient “art to part” process.

Key features

  • No robot teaching - Programming for both the press brake and robot is fully automated, handled offline, with no need to teach the robot – so there’s no need for a highly skilled robot programmer.
  • Fast “art to part” - Prepare a part program in a maximum of 10 minutes and set up the robotic cell for production in a maximum of 10 minutes, including full 3D bending simulation. In a maximum of 20 minutes, the cell is ready to start bending. 
  • Intelligent programming - The software calculates the fastest path for the robot across the complete bending operation. It automatically accounts for all process parameters: determines the grip force to handle the part, calculates the robot speed, considers robot reachability, collision checks and path optimization. 
  • Advanced capability - CADMAN-SIM imports the bend solution from CADMAN-B and creates an optimized robot program based on the bend solution and part geometry.
  • 3D simulation and process visualization - CAM 3D virtual production simulation provides a complete walk through of the robot and press brake functions to check and visually confirm the bending sequence before bending begins. Before a piece of metal is formed, the process is verified, avoiding costly mistakes and material waste.


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