• LVD TOUCH-i4 collects machine information in real time
  • LVD TOUCH-i4 provides a workload overview
  • LVD TOUCH-i4 sorts and validates parts
  • LVD TOUCH-i4 provides complete workload detail
  • LVD TOUCH-i4 details historical workshop performance


TOUCH-i4 is an industrial strength Windows-based tablet that provides an overview of the entire fabrication workshop. It collects real-time information from your LVD machine(s) and centralized CADMAN database to offer insight and flexibility to your daily operations. The information can be viewed and managed wirelessly on the shop floor, allowing the user to make informed decisions based on lead-time, cost, technology and individual workload. TOUCH-i4 can also be used to help sort and validate parts to streamline production orders ready for the next operation.

Key features

  • Powerful industrial tablet computer
  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides real-time information
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) history indication and actual machine status
  • Future workload overview
  • Sort & Validate mode streamlines production
  • Tracks progress of each part, job and work order
  • Provides estimated production time information
  • Generates lists to launch any necessary rework
  • Part of the CADMAN Software Suite, communicates to the central CADMAN database
  • Delivered with robust industrial tablet computer
  • Offered with CADMAN-JOB


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