• LVD CADMAN-P automatic nesting
  • LVD CADMAN-P advanced punching functions
  • LVD CADMAN-P offers automatic tool selection
  • LVD CADMAN-P provides support for indexable multitool
  • LVD CADMAN-P offers common and non-common line punching
  • LVD CADMAN-P identifies optimum tool stations


CADMAN-P software makes it easy to program any punch, form, tap or bend operation on an LVD Strippit CNC punching machine. This powerful software offers complete support for complex punching, forming, bending and tapping as well as advanced nesting with optimization of tool changes and sequencing. A wealth of automated processes such as punch sequencing macros, automatic tool selection, clamp positioning and others maximize machine output.

Key features

  • User-friendly customizable GUI ribbon
  • Part database with 3D automatic unfolding and interactive CAD functionality
  • Automatic or manual nesting functionality
  • Extensive parametric database of punches and dies, forming tools, Multi-Tools and tool configurations
  • Full support for advanced punching functions, including Multi-Tools, multiple character tools, Wheel tooling, Opti-bend, and other form tools
  • Common and non-common line punching
  • Automatic punch selection, assignment and tool turret/magazine configuration
  • Support for combined and complex punching, forming, bending and tapping
  • On screen simulation of punching process and tool path
  • Opti-bend 3D simulations for optimal bend operations programming
  • Part of the CADMAN Software Suite, communicates to the central CADMAN database


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