Thank you to the visitors from 60 companies who recently visited LVD for our Benelux open house. The two-day event highlighted laser cutting, bending, punching, automation and software integration products across all LVD product lines and proved, once again, the value of in-person connections.

An open day is certainly interesting. For those working or producing in the metal industry it’s definitely worth a visit.

All machines are displayed here, the novelties, the new things. We are now also examining how we can expand both our machine park and the software.

For us it was really neat to see the Phoenix with the bevel head that does the weld seam preparation.

I just attended Tom’s presentation on the future of laser cutting and it was pretty interesting. Especially cutting with high-pressure mixed gas is something I wasn’t very familiar with.

We purchased a laser and it was demonstrated here and the combination with press brakes is also explained clearly. They have nice machines and a clear narrative.

We should definitely focus on continued automation, and in a sustainable way, because that was what was interesting about the seminars. That’s actually what I signed up for, using our raw materials in a more sustainable way. For instance, producing your own nitrogen for laser cutting. So yes, it was interesting.

We’ve just decided to start cutting with mixed gas so that’s what we’re taking away from today. 

What is LVD’s vision of the future? 

They think along with us, that much is obvious.