Tower Automation System (TAS)

Highly configurable tower storage system

TAS is designed to keep material flow continuous, production uninterrupted, and sheets and parts organised efficiently. The system connects up to two towers and two machines integrating standard modules in a flexible way to guarantee smooth transition from raw material to finished parts.

  • 3070 x 1540 mm, 4090 x 2055 mm, 6125 x 2055 sheet sizes
  • Handles materials up to 30 mm
  • For Phoenix FL-3015, Phoenix FL-4020, Phoenix FL-6020
  • For Puma 3015, Puma 4020, Puma 6020


High-volume storage

TAS can contain up to 63 pallets depending on the system configuration. The maximum capacity input/output pallet is 3 tons on 3015 and 4020 and 5 tons on 6020. 

Flexible design

A modular design using standard components provides a large number of possible tower configurations. We help you select the best setup based on your operational requirements and floor space.

Integrated load-unload

The loading and unloading device guarantees the best possible transfer of raw materials and finished parts using a peeling system, with the ability to unload on a pallet in the tower or optionally on a direct unload station.

Touchscreen interface

The graphical Touch-A interface and warehouse management software are intuitive and simple to use.

Future retrofit 

This MOVit modular automation unit can be added as a retrofit in the future.

Technical data


Direct unload station

A direct unload station alongside the machine allows sheets to be offloaded for immediate sorting instead of returned to the warehouse. Parts are made directly available for secondary processing. 

Additional I/O station

An extra input station, installed on a second tower, can be used for loading material with an overhead crane.

Scratch-free unloading 

Chain system on forks prevents scratches on finished parts.