The name SANY comes from the Chinese Sānyī, which literally stands for “three ones” and refers to the three goals the company sets itself: being a first-class company, employer and benefactor. The latter through the SANY Foundation that supports the community through various non-profit social welfare campaigns.

In 2021, the Forbes Global 2000 ranked SANY the first among heavy equipment manufacturers in China and the second in the world. SANY Heavy Industry has 25 production sites and 90,000 employees worldwide.

On construction sites from Russia to Chile you will encounter the renowned concrete machines, excavators and cranes with the distinctive red Sany logo.

Productivity increase 20%

End of 2020 was the start of the installation of three full-option LVD press brakes in SANY’s new production facility in Changsha, including two 2000-ton 14-meter machines and one 3000-ton 14-meter machine, for bending telescopic crane arms.

“With more than 40 press brakes and a 2000-ton and 3000-ton PPEB-H in house, we have many years of experience with LVD and LVD-HD products. The new machines are equipped with the latest bending technology and software and work 24/7,” says Mr Chen Wei, Technological Superintendent of the SANY Automobile Hoisting Machinery division. “The sheets up to 14 meters long and 14 mm thick are first placed on the front supports using an overhead crane, and then automatically fed in and positioned by the pushers on the CNC-controlled die.”

The adjustable die allows SANY to work with different thicknesses and bending radii. The induction hardened, progressive stone radius on both sides of the V-opening reduces friction between the material and the die and is particularly suitable for bending high-tensile materials,” confirms Mr Wei.

SANY Boom Closeup

“All machines have a smart crowning table equipped with separately controlled wedges that compensate for any material variations across the length of the part, guaranteeing accurate bending results,” he continues. “All these elements plus the fact that the machines are utilised effectively have increased productivity by 20%.”


“For the stability of the machines, which individually weigh 450 to 650 tons, foundation work was required. Five-meter-deep wells were made in advance, on which the various parts were placed one by one, under supervision of LVD-HD.

“The complete project, from production of the parts and transport to installation and startup took only one year. Since April, the press brakes are fully operational,” says Mr Wei.

The machines were co-manufactured by LVD Company and the Chinese joint venture LVD-HD. LVD Company made the precision parts in Slovakia and Belgium, including cylinders, adjustable V-die, crowning table and complete control box. Integration of these components was monitored on site by LVD personnel. LVD-HD was responsible for frame construction, assembly of the machines and commissioning. The company gave the operators the necessary training and will continue to provide service as it already does for the other LVD machines.

“We have been satisfied with this good cooperation for years and still have a lot of plans for the future!”

Sany installation

PPEB-H key features

  • Two 2000-ton and one 3000-ton 14-meter machines
  • Smart crowning table guarantees accuracy
  • CNC-controlled adjustable die allows different thicknesses and bending radii
  • Retractable pushers on a guide rail quickly position heavy sheets
  • Front and rear plate followers support the sheets
  • Touch-B control enables user-friendly operation of the machine