TA-NO (Poland)

The TA-NO brand of high-quality trailers and utility vehicle bodies is one of the oldest in the industry. Their advanced manufacturing equipment includes two precision LVD press brakes and a Phoenix fiber laser cutting machine, all driven by the full suite of CADMAN® software.

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Electrium Case Study

Electrium (UK)

Strippit PX 1225 CNC punch press with an Extended Tool Magazine (ETM)

An LVD Strippit PX 1225 CNC punch press with an Extended Tool Magazine (ETM) gives electrical equipment manufacturer Electrium the capability to respond quickly to changing production demands while eliminating setup time.

Watch the video case study.


Breman Machinery (Netherlands)

PPEB press brakes, ToolCell & Taurus XXL

Breman Machinery likes to make with meticulous accuracy finished products or critical steel components of extreme weight and huge size. This Dutch subcontractor is known for its proactive approach  and the newly established Breman Bending takes it to yet another level.

Sany Heavy Industry (China)

2000-ton & 3000-ton PPEB press brakes

Over the past 20 years, the demand for construction machinery in China has been continuously increasing due to the fast-growing economy, even in pandemic times, and the massive boom in construction. SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., construction machine manufacturer and part of the SANY group in China, scaled up its production capacity adding three large LVD press brakes.


Groven+ (Belgium)

Strippit PX 1530 with FA-P & Cadman suite

Groven+ is transforming its production process to optimise efficiency. The company is discovering the many benefits of Industry 4.0 with the expertise and guidance of LVD. 

E.P. Draffin Manufacturing (Australia)

6 kw Phoenix 3015 & Easy-Form press brakes

Throughout its 64-year history, E.P. Draffin Manufacturing has dynamically responded to market requirements. The Australia-based business has produced windshield wipers, electric water pumps, faucets and beer taps. Whatever its customers needed, Draffin delivered the solution.


Esser MetallBau (Germany)

10kw Phoenix FL-6020 & 10kw Taurus 24

50 years after it purchased its first LVD machines, Ludwig Esser Metallbau GmbH has invested in two high-technology LVD fiber laser cutting systems to increase its productivity, capacity and competitiveness.


Teparay Precision Sheet Metal (UK)


Product development specialist Teparay Precision Sheet Metal (TPSM), based in the UK, has invested in two LVD Dyna-Cell robotic bending systems as part of its long-term strategy of automation and added value manufacturing.

Carpenteria C.S.

Carpenteria C.S. (Italy)


55 years have passed since the first hydraulic crane with the name Fassi was produced in Italy. Today, Fassi Gru is one of the top hydraulic crane manufacturers in the world. Carpenteria C.S., part of the Fassi Group, bends the complex hexagonal-shaped components for mobile crane arms using an LVD Synchro-Form press brake.

J.A. Harvey

J.A. Harvey (UK)


The productivity of a Phoenix laser cutting system with MOVit Tower Automation System (TAS), has allowed J.A. Harvey to condense 110 hours of laser cutting and 100 hours of plasma cutting into just 70 hours on the new machine. This has enabled the company to cut costs by 20% on large contracts.

Dutton Engineering Case Study

Dutton Engineering (UK)


An LVD Phoenix 10kW laser at Dutton Engineering has halved cutting times, cut energy bills and eliminated a time-consuming finishing operation. The 4m x 2m capacity machine helps the company process more than 500 tonnes of material a year. 


GLA-WEL (Germany)


GLA-WEL runs three LVD bending systems, a 220t ToolCell with automatic tool changer and two Easy-Form press brakes, 135 and 320 tons. It is also making extensive use of LVD’s CADMAN®-SDI file importing and calculating software, CADMAN-B offline programming software and CADMAN-JOB workflow software.