LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L
LVD Software Cadman-L


Unleash the power of laser cutting

CADMAN-L taps the full potential of your laser cutting machine. Advanced smart collision avoidance, automatic nesting, and optimization of machine and cutting parameters elevates the productivity and reliability of the laser cutting process.

  • Cutting technologies pre-configured and optimized per machine
  • Advanced functions simplify laser cutting operations
  • Reporting module 


Automated functions

Laser job management, on screen simulation of cutting sequence and beam path indication simplify programming and improve cutting productivity and efficiency. 

Smart collision avoidance

CADMAN-L includes intelligent features which increase process stability – especially critical to fully automated, lights-out manufacturing. The software:
•    Changes lead-in positions and cutting path, avoiding cut contours
•    Features smart head up/head down detection
•    Positions micro-joints to prevent cut parts from tilting

Optimal cutting technology

Multiple cutting technology tables optimize the cutting process and can be assigned to any material, any thickness, even to individual contours within the same part. 

Intelligent programming

Make the most of your laser cutting machine and material usage with smart, built-in functions such as optimized sheet utilization, fly-cut, common line nesting and remnant creation.

Process integration

Job flow starts from ERP to CADMAN-JOB to CADMAN-L, which imports the unfolded flats from CADMAN-B, nesting and processing them automatically. Data is entered only once in the ERP system, thus saving process time and minimizing the risk for errors. CADMAN-L is fully integrated with the LVD Touch-L control. 


Bevel cutting

Program all types of bevels on internal and external contours for the Taurus fiber laser, 5-axis option.

Third-party post processors

CADMAN-L supports foreign lasers and processes such as oxy, plasma and waterjet cutting. Over 1200 different postprocessors are available.

Tube laser programming

Full-featured programming for LVD tube lasers: Import 3D files, nest and verify the program through 3D simulation. 

CAD plug-ins 

Available for CATIA, SolidWorks, and DSTV software.