Strippit VL Punch Laser
Strippit VL Punch Laser

Strippit VT 1530-L

Punch + laser productivity and quality

Strippit VT 1530-L provides the versatility of punching and laser technology combined for complete part processing. The thin-turret punch press offers large tooling capacity. Advanced fiber laser guarantees excellent cut quality at high cutting speeds.

  • Thin-turret 30-ton punch press
  • 3- or 4-kW laser source
  • Sheet size format of 120” x 60”
  • Smart factory - Industry 4.0 compatible


Thin-turret punch press

The Strippit VT is a high-speed 30-ton hydraulic punch press built on a heavy-duty bridge frame for exceptional stability and punching accuracy.

High production capacity

The punch press features 40 thin-turret tooling stations with four 3.5” auto-index stations. This versatile mix of stations – able to accept forming, embossing, louvering, Wheel and tapping tools –maximizes tooling capacity and reduces set-up time for high production capacity.

Sleeved turret

Hardened turret sleeves ensure accurate punch and die alignment throughout the life of the machine. Sleeves can be easily replaced, eliminating the need for costly re-machining of the turret.

Smart ram control

Smart Stroke ram control automatically optimizes the punch press ram motion for top productivity. No program codes or operator intervention required.

3- or 4-kW fiber laser

Laser cut unique shaped holes or contours and etch material with high-quality results using a 3- or 4-kW laser source.

Full-sheet processing

Cut and punch a full-size workpiece of 120” x 60” without repositioning to save on production time, material usage and material handling.  

Large work chute for laser cut parts

A 15.9” x 60” work chute for laser cut parts makes it easy and convenient to evacuate processed parts or scrap.

Intuitive Touch-PL control

The latest LVD Touch interface is intuitive to use for operators of any skill level.

CADMAN-PL programming software

Integrated with the Touch-PL controller, CADMAN-PL makes programming and job set up for punching and laser cutting virtually automatic.

Technical data


Modular automation systems

An automation system further extends machine efficiency and process reliability. Choose from a range of options, including Compact Autoload, Bin-sort System, Compact Tower (CT-P) for material storage and retrieval, full Tower Automation (TAS) or Warehouse Automation (WAS). A robotic interface can also be integrated.

Brush table with roller balls

Scrap conveyors

Sheet lubrication system