Firma JIM GmbH produkuje systemy przenośników, a także oferuje usługi podwykonawcze. Korzystanie z bazy danych CADMAN® firmy LVD jest niezwykle istotnym aspektem dla szybkiego realizowania zamówień.

My name is Michael Kliche, I am 52 years old and I’ve been managing director of JIM GmbH since 2006. I have another manager working with me, Mr Volker Jacobsen, who founded JIM GmbH in 1996. Our focus is the manufacture of conveyor systems. We also offer subcontracting: machining, laser cutting, sheet metal working, CNC edge grinding, services, assembly of conveyor systems, control technology, CRD construction with SolidWorks – we cover a broad spectrum.

Mr Volker Jacobsen started the business from his garage in 1996. He worked as a service provider for other companies but then he wanted to set up his own company and founded Jim GmbH. Today we have 40 employees and an annual turnover of around €3.2 million. The business has gone from simple parts and smaller projects of some €50,000 to projects today of more than €3 million. In 2006 we had a sheet metal part that only LVD could bend in the way that we needed. We drove down to LVD’s head office in Belgium to check out the machine on-site. We had the part bent again under real conditions and just like the first time it turned out great. We then quickly decided to invest in what was at the time a modern CO2 laser cutting system and an LVD press brake so that we could manufacture these parts in-house.

LVD always manages to do things other companies can’t. We have worked with LVD since 2006 and have always had contacts who are good to work with because they understand what we do and they advise us. They don’t make promises they can’t keep and they continue to support us.

When I call, they help me. If not in the next five minutes, then within an hour at the latest. It’s been like this since 2006 and I am confident it will stay this way.

The whole integrated process is also important, all machines are compatible with each other in terms of software. The components are stable and reliable: motors, control technology, machine beds, … We looked at all of those things. 

I can say that to this day I am happy I chose LVD.

Depending on the season, we have around 20 to 30 small and medium-sized orders a day. It is very important that we fill them quickly, with a good process flow. Our main focus is the database, it must be near perfect. I am happy we can work with LVD as a team to perfect the database. Only in this way can we complete jobs faster. The accessibility of LVD, the expertise of their staff has kept us with them and we plan to continue to buy machines from LVD in the future.