Ontworpen door LVD en gefabriceerd door LVD-HD in China combineren guillotinescharen van LVD hoge kwaliteit en kostenefficiëntie. Deze zijn ontwikkeld volgens de specificaties van LVD en zijn CE-gecertificeerd. Ze maken gebruik van elektronische, elektrische, hydraulische en pneumatische componenten die voldoen aan onze strenge eisen ten aanzien van nauwkeurigheid en betrouwbaarheid.

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Conventional and CNC-controlled shearing machines

Sheet metal shearing machines are a must for most fabrication shops. Used to cut material and plate to size, they produce clean, straight edges and angles reliably with minimal material waste. 

LVD offers high-quality guillotine-style shearing equipment – from economical machines for general shearing operations to custom hydraulic shears configured to order. 

CS shears are cost-effective to own and operate. Their solid construction ensures accurate cutting results for a range of applications. Standard features include an easy-to-use motorized backgauge, adjustable rake angle and blade clearance and squaring arm. 

MVS shears offer high output and application versatility in a rugged machine. A push-button adjustable stroke length, blade gap and rake angle optimize cutting productivity. The rake angle can be adjusted at a minimum value of 0.5 degrees to shear narrow strips with minimal distortion, reduce or eliminate corkscrew and bow distortions. A touch-screen control makes the machine easy to operate.

HGS shears are heavy-duty, able to cut through mild steel up to 30 mm. Each blade of an HGS shear has four cutting edges and can be turned three times before grinding for more production life. The CNC control automatically calculates optimal blade clearance and cutting angle based on material type and thickness.