Railcar builders require high-capacity sheet metalworking machinery to accurately cut and bend high-tensile-strength materials. LVD’s large-format and XXL laser cutting machines efficiently fabricate large, heavyweight parts such as chassis and rail coach bodies. This equipment as well as heavy-duty press brakes and technology like Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending expertly handle the structural steels required for demanding load-bearing applications. For the tubular construction of frames, LVD tube lasers offer the high-cut quality, tight tolerances and process efficiency of fiber laser.


Trucks and buses

With a growing demand for freight and passenger transport, manufacturers of trucks and buses rely on advanced production equipment to manufacture high-quality components cost-effectively, often using automation. Reducing the weight of the vehicle to increase carrying capacity and lower operating costs is key to this sector. With heavy-duty processing capability and an expansive bed length of up to 42 meters, the LVD Taurus is uniquely designed for large-format cutting of high tensile steel increasingly used in vehicle bodies. LVD robotic bending systems reliably form even complex components with speed and precision, significantly reducing cost per part.



A lengthy, complex process, shipbuilding requires the fabrication of large plates and various heavy-duty subassemblies that comprise structural elements. The LVD Taurus XXL laser cutting machine addresses these extra-large demands with a modular design that begins at a 10-meter bed length and can be expanded up to 42 meters. Taurus handles workpieces up to 3200 mm wide and up to 30 mm thick. The PPEB-H heavy-duty XXL press brakes forms difficult-to-bend high-performance materials. Using adaptive bending technology and a custom-made crowning system, the press brake ensures the accuracy of heavy bending operations.