A prime trend in fabricating is that parts are becoming increasingly complex with more value needing to be added to the part in one process, requiring sheets to be punched, tapped, formed and bent in more complex ways. Traditionally, such parts have been processed on a series of machines in a particular order. However, manufacturers have learnt the hard way that processing through multiple machines can increase direct part cost and erode margins. This can become critical if margins are tight and lead times need to be very short.

But what if you had a machine that can do all this in one process?

Let one machine add all the value for you

LVD’s Strippit PX is exactly such a machine. It can punch, form, tap and bend parts up to 75 mm high. Adding advanced automation such as LVD’s FA-P technology further enhances productivity and throughput by automating handling operations and significantly speeding up the manufacturing process. PX can also feature an optional automated tool changer (ETM – Extended Tool Magazine) with a capacity of 200 tools and featuring all-tool rotation, allowing any tool to be used at any angle anywhere on the sheet.

Programming is easy and is handled completely offline using LVD’s CADMAN® software. Using the part’s 3D drawing as input, just a few clicks by the CADMAN operator are needed for the software to automatically calculate the manufacturing sequences and programs.

Strippit PX in combination with FA-P automation reduces direct labour cost by up to 80%

Discover how the Strippit PX Punch Press and FA-P Automation speeds up the manufacture of complex parts

Look at this webinar to see how LVD’s Strippit PX machine combines punching, forming, tapping, bending and automation functionality. The video also shows how CADMAN® software is used to program the machine to further speed up the process.