With batches becoming smaller and parts becoming increasingly complex, sheet metal bending workshops are under constant pressure to deliver in time. Throughout the day, operators need to switch tools more frequently and carry out an increasing number of complex bending operations on sheets of different types. The inevitable small variations in thickness and grain configuration further complicate the bending process, which becomes very laborious if the intermediate bending stages are to be verified and corrected manually.

Bending angles automatically adjusted to material variations in thickness and grain

LVD makes perfect sheet metal bending easy with its Easy-Form® adaptive bending system. Equipped with lasers that constantly measure the angle of the workpiece being bent, Easy-Form adjusts the bending machine control parameters so that the resulting angle will be exactly as defined in the design. Any variation in sheet thickness or grain configuration will be corrected for in real time.

Easy-Form significantly increases productivity and throughput of the bending workshop. 

Discover how Easy-Form can make your day

Watch this webinar to see how LVD’s Easy-Form adaptive bending increases the bending machine’s productivity and makes the operator’s task much easier. The live demonstration shows how Easy-Form adjusts the bending angle in real time to variations in the sheet’s thickness and grain.